Salsa's drink of choice. It has low alcohol content but still makes him completely wasted.

This is something that happens way too often. Sometimes, SalsaSavant will get drunk and post on GameFAQs or this wiki. He seems to have a serious problem. When drunk, he becomes a huge Daisy supporter. You know all those Daisy pages we have? Salsa made about half of them. He also made that disturbing Kristoff page.

WHen he's drunk, he talks about his boyfriend a lot, and it can get to be TMI a lot. He once turned a topic into a thirty page topic about how he was going to sleep with his boyfriend when he finishes peeing.

He's generally really horny when drunk. Hey, that's a nice ass you got there....

Why is he always drunk? Because he can take two sips and become completely wasted. So that small glass of wine you drink to relax in the evening? A complete party for SalsaSavant.


  • The results are usually either hilarious or just weird.
  • Rumour has it his sudden daisy obsession is sparked at the thought he'll get Michaeloll's D if he worships her

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