AOC Angry


NotSnowske is the man. Just sorta turned up intent on winning the prize money. However that rat bastard Sack tried to stiff him by being a total shoe. This did not work as Sack slipped up and added METAL FACE. Shouldst thou beginneth cruisin' for a bruisin' at the hands of NotSnowske, yer goin' busto, ya hear?

NotSoapGuy or whatever totally knows the score. Sure they'll tell you what characters are named and what their personalities are, but only someone MAD COOL such as he knows for realsies, yeah?

Шесть ПятьEdit

Pronounce Шесть Пять with insufficient levels of hype and an interrogative intonation for optimal results.


He can fight his way out of a paper bag. 

Mad cool quoteEdit

"DIE you small fry-IDIOT!" - TERUMIIIII

Maximum sketchiness

Perfect NotSnowske-exclusive facial expression.