I fell into a burnin' ring of fire...

Norfair is the home of the infamous Ridley, and a stage brought back for Super Smash Bros 4. While Ridley, as stated before, calls this place his home in Metroid and Super Metroid, he's actually not seen here, rather in the other Metroid stage. It's considerably less controversial than Pyrosphere, though, likely due to the fact that it's a fun stage and it's not from Other M. Norfair, like the Metroid stages before it, has a big pit of bad stuff that will damage you. In this case, it's lava. Well, technically it's magma, considering that the stage takes place below the planet Zebes, but it acts more like lava, so I'm referring to it as such. But the lava isn't content with just rising and falling like Brinstar's acid. The lava will come in giant waves engulfing half of the stage, shoot out fireballs, or come in one massive wave that will engulf the whole stage. In this case, you have to find a safe room, break open the door (Just like in Metroid!) and beat everyone else out of it. Or you could just jump over it. Or even easier just hold down shield. But if you're Little Mac or Dr. Mario, and you're not very close to the safe room, good luck, kid. But if play the stage in 8-Player Smash, thanks to the new update, the lava won't do anything, so that's nice. Norfair: It's not tournament legal, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. Best stage tbh