Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag
Species Shopping Bag
Homeworld eShop
Series Nintendo eShop
Affiliation Capitalism
Gender Shopping Bag
The Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag is a highly requested newcomer for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The eShop Shopping Bag is the mascot for the Nintendo eShop, serving as the gateway between customers and the games. It's better than Dark Pit.


Sakurai hinted heavily at a digital shop representative in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The Wii Shop Channel theme was in the Pictochat stage, showing that Sakurai thinks Nintendo's digital marketplace is worthy of representation.. And Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag is the leading candidate for that position, since it is widely recognized by all owners of current generation Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

Nintendo shows favoritism towards Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag since they give additional Club Nintendo points to people who register digital versions of games. As an example, Nintendo gives sixty Club Nintendo coins for registering the digital version of any Nintendo game versus fifty for the physical copy, showing a clear favoritism towards digital gaming.

Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag has massive movest potential. No character has the same body type as a shopping bag, so Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag would have completely unique movements. Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag can fight a formidable war of attrition as it slowly drops spheres of game data on opponents, just like the 3DS' download screen.

Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag is favored by Nintendo and Sakurai, it has a unique moveset, and it is widely recognizable. It is the perfect choice for a newcomer.


  •  ViewtifulGene was the user who had brought up several points on Nintendo eShop Shopping Bag's uniqueness.

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