The "Nice try, Daniel" meme/fad was created long ago on the Smash Bros. Brawl boards, pre-release. It all started when a troll by the name of DanielDecadence started posting how he was actually Princess Daisy, and how much he loved wearing beautiful dresses, and how all of his classmates made fun of him but he was too fabulous to care. One user took notice of the "Daniel" in his username and said, "Nice try, Daniel"-- bolding the name to enunciate how he was male. This immediately took and started being used whenever a user said something stupid, or was pretending to be a female user. Sometimes "Daniel" is removed and replaced with the user's name, but in most cases, regardless of the name of the person, Daniel is still included.

Oh god, Daniel is back in the form of OhHeyItsDaniel... every body hide your kids and husbands.

We aren't too sure, but 'Damn Daniel' may be the reincarnation.

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