Species Heavy Machine
Series Advance Wars
Affiliation Black Hole

There is no effective counter to the NeoTank.


Created by Black Hole, the Neotank was created to traverse land with its four legs and rape all other units.


Neotank is the manliest piece of advanced weaponry to be conceived by mankind. The Neotank is known to take a dump on its enemies after the massacre. If you find yourself on the field of battle with one of these bad boys, you better get your behind ready 'cause with the Neotank there is one way in, and no way out. The Neotank has been known to eliminate entire armies with a single unit and one load of ammunition.

Neotanks have a high movement and are very powerful, but cost 22,000G.

—Advance Wars Wiki Neoseeker

Known SupportersEdit

Add yourself or others you know to this list if you or they are Neotank supporters.

Known Adversaries Edit

Every single other unit in Advance Wars.


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