Mute City is the F-Zero stage on Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS. Yes, F-Zero has a new stage on 3DS, but not Wii U. On Wii U, they just brought back Port Town.

Mute City is another pixel art stage, but a really cool one. It takes place on two blue jets and the Blue Falcon, cruising across the racetrack. But if Captain Falcon is fighting on stage, then who's piloting the Blue Falcon? I think we all know who. Also worth noting is that, if Captain Falcon starts the battle on the Blue Falcon, then he gets out of the Blue Falcon to step onto the Blue Falcon. And he can also use the Blue Falcon as his final smash on the Blue Falcon. Sometimes, though, Samurai Goroh, Dr. Stewart, or Pico will bump them off of the stage and serve as the main platform. Well, their F-Zero machines do. You don't actually step on Samurai Goroh, Dr. Stewart, or Pico. That would be weird.

Despite being named Mute City, it's known for it's stellar soundtrack. Just listen. That's an eargasm if I have ever heard one. It makes you want to step into a vehicle, drive it at ludicrous speeds and jump out of it to punch someone in the face. But you shouldn't, that could wreck your car. And you'd probably get arrested. Or you'd get into a fight.

Mute City: It gets you arrested.

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