Account Created July 30th, 2011
Karma Level 33, Elite
Current Status Not logging in anymore
Gender Male
Alts Unknown

He's a Pokemon fan and a pretty cool guy. So far his favorite newcomers are Greninja, Little Mac, and Lucina he also wants the Chorus Kids to be confirmed whom many of the Gamefaqs Users hate. He'll probably end up maining Lucario, Diddy Kong, and Fox who he used in Brawl or someone completely new.

Mudkip 43's backstory.

I don't know who the hell this guy is, but he wanted a page. So I'm gonna have to make stuff up.

Mudkip43 was born in 1964 in Pensacola, Florida. He was named 'Mudkip43' by his mother, who had just been attacked by 43 Mudkips before making it to the hospital.

During his early years, Mudkip43 made through with two friends, in the form of Robin Williams and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. They were close for eleven minutes, and then ditched Mudkip43 immediately afterwards.

When the war hit, it hit Mudkip43 hard. The 43 family had to move out of their house in order to seek shelter from the war. It was then when Mudkip43 met a man we know today as Gunpei Yokoi. Satoru was still in the toy business at this point, to which Mudkip43 pointed out that the video game market was booming. Thus, Gunpei Yokoi created the Game and Watch, which later led to video games as we know them.

However, Mudkip43 wouldn't be entirely safe at Gunpei's house. Soon after, Gunpei Yokoi created the Virtual Boy, that became sentient and killed Gunpei, along with their house. Soon after, David Tennant found Mudkip43, and asked for his assistance to fight the weird creatures from Dr. Who. They fought the Daleks, Weeping Angels, and those weird shadow things that I forgot the name of for a while, until they went to Antarctica in the year 2014. Here, Mudkip43 saw neo-nazis in a secret base, who were guarding Hitler's brain.

They went over to investigate, until Mudkip43 became possessed by the spirit of Hitler, who had now taken an interest in the latest work of Masahiro Sakurai, known as Super Smash Bros. 4. So interested that he There was only one problem, though. Princess Daisy was not a playable character. So Hitler created an online petition, demanding Masahiro Sakurai to include Daisy as a playable character. The petition got two signatures, one being from Hitler and the other Michaellol. Then, Hitler got bored and killed himself, leaving Mudkip43 with a GameFAQs account. So then he posted stuff on GameFAQs and stuff. I dunno. And then he wanted a page on the wiki. The end.

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