Mr. Game and Watch
Species LCD
Or Paper
We Dunno
Homeworld Flat Zone 3
Series Game & Watch Handheld Games
Desert Bus
Affiliation Chef
Deep-sea Diver
Everything Else
Gender Male


—Mr. Game and Watch

Mr. Game and Watch is the game's token black character. Well, besides Olimar.  

He's 2D, but actually not really, just a 3D model rendered to look 2D in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which people like to obsess over these days for some reason as if it wasn't kind of obvious.

He originated from Nintendo's old Game and Watch platforms. He isn't really from any specific Game and Watch game, but is rather a conglomeration of all Game and Watch protagonists. That makes him the closest thing to an original fighter Smash has, unless you count Mii Fighters, but nobody counts them because they're too busy bitching about how they didn't want Miis in Smash. He's also made the occasional cameo in other Nintendo titles, like Donkey Kong Country Returns and Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Mr. Game and Watch is officially considered the sexiest character in Super Smash Bros 4.

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