9/8/2014 (Sunday in the U.S.)

Major events of the day include:

  • DougMcDouglas's topic "What did Shulk say while touching himself?" The mods were too...preoccupied to moderate the topic in a timely fashion. Hilarity and deeply empassioned moans ensued.
  • Smashboards lashed out against the GameFAQs community, going so far as to send their admin and Vaanrose to spy on us.
  • Unknownuber's "What does a racist Shulk do?" topic came first and survived even LONGER, past 100 posts. Racist leached into surrounding topics. R-Day confirmed.
  • 50 million topics about What Shulk says while doing ___.
  • Old memes flooded in like craaaaaaaaazy.

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