Mikopapi summed up.

Mikopapi is a nickname given to Mikokiri's father by Matt while in a Skype call.

Personality. Edit

Miko describes him as funny but easily angered. He is also part general auzzie bloke while having italian parents. He is also caring when he has to be which isn't a lot because no one in the house hold gives a shit about feelings half of the time, unless someone dies or gets pissed off.

What has he done? Edit

Well, he completed school, became an electrical engineer, married Miko's mother, fucked her a few times to produce Miko and her sister Ridley. He then got a job several jobs after quitting electrical engineering due to shitty pay. He worked at a Coca Cola factory, a cookie factory, and now he works at this place where he drives a truck to deliver shit like iron bars and steel roofing for houses and garages. Sometimes he even has to exit the state just to do deliveries. He is also in the background of most Skype calls.

Why is he awesome? Edit

He is willing to carry a shotgun and follow two teens around just so her daughters date doesn't try to get in her pants. He also has an epic voice with the Australian accent.

Also whenever he returns home, his enthusiasm booms throughout the house with a heartwarming shout of "Hi girls!"

Famous quotes Edit

"Oh, you're allowed to date! I'll just follow you around with a shotgun, that's all!" - Mikopapi talking about dating to Miko's sister.

"Ohh, you're a skinny one. And you're a fat one!" - Mikopapi talking to Gene-pigs.

"You're a sparrow and you're a fish." - Mikopapi talking to his daughters, commenting on their eating habits.

"Hello Batgirl." - Mikopapi every fucking hime he walks into Miko's room while she's in it.

Trivia Edit

  • He hates chocolate icecream and milk chocolate
  • His mother is insane
  • He's not energyman.

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