This happens.

Miko has a television that is notorious and infamous for causing many ear-bleeds and generally overwhelming everyone in a Skype call with her. If asked to turn her TV volume down, Miko usually has a reply ready of "It's not that loud". OBJECTION! IT'S ALWAYS LOUD AS FUCK, AND SHE IS A LIAR!

This is how the chat feels.

Users Who Have Suffered from the Sheer Force of Miko's TVEdit


  • It's not Energyman.
  • It IS that loud.
  • Miko's #2 excuse is "I can't find the remote" bullshit you can't find the remote
  • It's not Energyman.
  • The volume is a maximum of 20 out of 100, she turns it down to 10 for skype calls but they still complain that it's loud as shit.

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