Hell. Jigoku. A troll pit of despair. The Endless Illusion. It has many names, but it's just a bloody fucking crap manifestation of kids, trolls, irrational people, and Goku fanboys. The worst place in the universe, only Sakurai's messages have any hope of saving the endless twilight of darkness known as...

The Miiverse.

Miiverse is a service that lets you communicate with other players from around the world. It is accessible via Wii U and systems in the Nintendo 3DS family.

It is full of stupid newcomer requests, like Shadow, Sora, Goku, and Ghirahim. Many only visit it to see Sakurai's Pic of the Day.

But that's just the Smash Community, the rest of Miiverse is okay, except nobody ever goes there.

The worst of the worst is amassed into a blog known as "Please Sakurai," as seen here:

Oh, and it's actually getting its own stage. Seriously. Unfortunately, no, they will not be random posts like everyone was hoping for... I hope you like memes and crude drawings of dicks!

Guide to getting "Yeahs" on MiiverseEdit

Step 1. Draw a half-assed 30 second drawing of a random Smash Bros character for no reason and draw them doing nothing but staring.

Step 2. DO NOT draw good. No one likes good art. You will not get any Yeahs if you draw good art.

Step 3. Post it in the YouTube community, because you mostly get yeahs there.

List of good character suggestions from Miiverse Edit




  • As of Tuesday, November 7, Miiverse will be shut down. F.

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