Metal Mario
Metal Mario
Species Metal Human
Homeworld Mushroom Kingdom
Series Mario
Affiliation Metal
Gender Male
Metal Mario was a boss in the original Super Smash Bros, who first appeared in Super Mario 64. He was also playable in Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, and Mario Sports Superstars.

He's notable in that he's one of the few NON-wanted newcomers, despite having a previous Smash apperance (and you can technically play as him anyway by grabbing a Metal Box as Mario). Even Pichu has more fans than him. Hell, even Pink Gold Peach has more fans. That didn't stop someone from starting a fake leak with him, though... And Metal Mario was piled up by a lot of shells when he got a double bogey in his current appearance in golf, good job Camelot!

NoPUNintendo - Metal Mario00:15

NoPUNintendo - Metal Mario

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