Meta Knight
Species Kirbeh
Homeworld Dream Land
Series Kirby
Affiliation Being Broken
Gender Male

Fight me!

—Meta Knight

Meta Knight es el hombre supremo. Es así supremo that he was considered OP and actually banned from tournaments.

Does Anybody Use Him?Edit

Everybody uses Meta Knight, they're just too ashamed to admit it.

Except Sakurai.

Will He Return?Edit

Probably. As he is Sakurai's baby, Daddy will make him return even more powerfully than before. Isn't that right, Metty moo-moos?

However, evidence has come into view that suggests Meta Knight is cut, such as Yoshi and Ridley.

August 11th, 2014Edit

At midnight on August 11th, 2014, Sakurai uploaded the Pic of the Day a few hours early. He gave a confusing picture with a confusing caption.

Meta Knight

Pic of the day. "Hello! I'm Samus, the intergalactic bounty hunter!" "And I am Meta Knight, joining the battle!!"

So this costume is clearly a replacement for Meta Knight! Everybody panic!

...Or Meta Knight's just an unlockable character, and Sakurai's teasing him, but he doesn't do that, right? Or maybe he isn't unlockable, but Sakurai still doesn't tease characters at all, right?

And then two days later Sakurai revealed him and even referenced this PotD. At this point, anyone who doesn't think he trolls needs to get off of the internet and take a nice, long look at themselves.

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