A photoshoot of Memoryman3.

Black people are nothing compared to Daisy!

—Something Memoryman3 actually said.

About this user Edit

He had a creepy obsession with Daisy, and most people knew him as the successor to the user Michaellol, despite the two not being related in any way. 

He also belittled just about any character that isn't Daisy.

He also tried to steal the Cloud code in Sweet_Melon's topic, but was beaten by fellow scumbag BowserWowser.

He actually tried to kill someone's computer with a bat file just for not liking Daisy.

He also hated black people.

When Source Gaming made a "Rate that character" video about Daisy, he approached Source Gaming and offered them his footage of Daisy. After the video was released and they gave her a rather generous score of 20% (20% higher than it should be), he immediately claimed his footage was stolen, resulting in them having to edit and reupload the video with new footage. He also encouraged the Daisy army to dislike the video because he didn't think it was fair enough.

He has a lot of weird fetishes, including a foot fetish and a fart fetish. According to Some_Account25, his Daisy server had a channel dedicated solely to fart fetish pictures.

He also tried to vandalize this page as both himself and a random ip.

His beliefs Edit

  • Daisy should not be just a Peach alternate skin!
  • Daisy should be in in her golf dress or sports outfit, but he doesn't mind the dress.
  • Peach has been a detriment to Daisy's "importance" in the Mario universe.
  • He thinks DK doesn't need more reps because, as mentioned before, he hates black people.

Redemption Arc Edit

As of Wednesday, April 13th, 2018 he shut down all of his forum accounts, wanting to better himself and focus on his own life rather than the online community. If he ever comes back, it will be months if not years in the future, with a different name and attitude. The topic announcing his leave was deleted later that day, but his last words were preserved:

“This is my last message on these forums on Twitter and more. I have realised that this place has corrupted me enough for it to affect my studies, my real life social interactions, my passion for computing, math and science and even enjoying video games as a technical hobby. Every time I do something I just think about Daisy in Smash or Smash in general or Nintendo in general, and all of these comments I made were weak and desperate. My attachment to her right now is very unhealthy, like she is my real daughter...

I can't even play games featuring her anymore because of all of the negative comments I bring about to you guys and your reactions. There is no benefit to me doing this. If I want to support Daisy in Smash I will do so in other ways, like writing some nice emails or talking to my friends and fellow fans occasionally. The way I engage with only people who clearly don't like her and me bashing their characters was also extremely immature of me and only made her more of a joke. And I did this all when I was a teen, right up to adulthood now (I just turned 18).

So after thinking about it for a few days, I have decided to finally leave the Smash community and the Nintendo online community for good. If I come back, it will be months or even years later in a different name and with a different attitude. Right now this online community should not be my focus. Otherwise I could eventually end up with no job, no friends, and no future outside benefits.

Goodbye forever GameFAQS.”

Memoryman3 4/9/15 - 4/18/18

He has since returned to GameFAQs under the new username BossPackun, and continues to make endless Daisy threads.