A photoshoot of Memoryman3.

Black people are nothing compared to Daisy!

—Something Memoryman3 actually said.

About this user Edit

He has a creepy obsession with Daisy, and most people know him as the successor to the user Michaellol, despite the two not being related in any way. 

He also belittles just about any character that isn't Daisy.

He also tried to steal the Cloud code in Sweet_Melon's topic, but was beaten by fellow scumbag BowserWowser.

He actually tried to kill someone's computer with a bat file just for not liking Daisy.

His beliefs Edit

  • Daisy should not be just a Peach alternate skin!
  • Daisy should be in in her golf dress or sports outfit, but he doesn't mind the dress.
  • Peach has been a detriment to Daisy's "importance" in the Mario universe.
  • DK doesn't need more reps.

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