MegaPidgey, as drawn by DeZA.
Registered On November 17, 2013
Karma Level 33
Current Status Active
Gender Female
Nicknames and Alts None

MegaPidgey is a user on the GameFAQs SSB4 board.

Smash BoardsEdit

MegaPidgey frequents the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U board, where she posts often. She rarely creates topics.

When she is genuinely interested in the topic being discussed, she'll usually give a well written, logical answer. If she particularly dislikes a topic, she often posts annoying one-word responses and/or crappy memes.

She's known for being Henry from Fire Emblem: Awakening's biggest supporter, even though she knows he will never be in Smash. She also strongly supports Isaac and Professor Layton.


MegaPidgey is usually well-spoken and logical, but she's not above sarcasm and insults when she's annoyed or bored. She also has a somewhat strange sense of humor.



MegaPidgey agrees with Radori on a lot of things, including support of both Isaac and Shulk.


MegaPidgey used to hate User728, but has since seen the error of her ways. She enjoys watching his troll posts ignite huge pointless arguments.


MegaPidgey is actually brave to put this entity in her sig. Just to troll people. My son saw it and now he actually wants to go to church. Was not amused.


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