Meat Boy
Species Skinless Boy
Homeworld The Forest
Series Super Meat Boy
Affiliation Meat
Gender Boy

BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail

—Twitch Chat, should Meat Boy be confirmed for Smash Bros

Meat Boy (no relation to Meat Baby) is the protagonist of the game Super Meat Boy who gained notoriety on the boards after the game's creators, Team Meat, campaigned to get Meat Boy in Smash Bros.

Team Meat and Smash Bros Edit

While many other indie developers have just recently requested that you vote for their character to be in Smash Bros, like the minds behind Shantae, Shovel Knight, Oddworld, AdventureQuest Worlds, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Sonichu, Team Meat has actually requested Meat Boy before. Granted, it was almost certainly a hopeless endeavor, but it shows that they legitimately want their character in the game rather than just wanting him in as free advertising.

Push the Buttons Edit

Meat Boy is from the games 'Meat Boy' and 'Super Meat Boy'. Meat Boy is a platforming game on Newgrounds where you have to rescue a girl made of bandages from an evil fetus by wall jumping a lot. It's okay, but not that great. Screams "Newgrounds", though. Super Meat Boy, on the other hand, is a game where you have to rescue a girl made of bandages from an evil fetus by wall jumping a lot. It's fucking awesome, has an amazing soundtrack, and controls beautifully. But there's one problem. It wasn't on Nintendo. But Team Meat did try. It was going to be on WiiWare, but they couldn't get it on because the Wii Shop had a stupid-ass 40 megabyte limit to games published there. But what has he done on Nintendo?

Meat Boy on Nintendo Edit

Even though his game wasn't on the Wii, Meat Boy has made the occasional cameo in other games that were on Nintendo consoles.

  • He was in BIT.TRIP.RUNNER in one of the stages, and Dr. Fetus was in Runner2
  • He was also in The Binding of Isaac as an invincible buddy, which is coming to 3DS and Wii U.
  • He also starred in an official microgame (kinda, it was one of those 'big-name games') from WarioWare DIY, made by his creator, Edmund McMillen.
  • I think he was in Little Inferno, but I'm too disappointed by that game to go back and check.

So yeah. At least he's been on Nintendo more than Artix from AdventureQuest Worlds.

Surprisingly, though, Meat Boy actually visited the Super Smash Bros for Wii U GameFAQs board in the third chapter of Super Meat Boy.

Supporters Edit

Put your name here if you support Meat Boy's inclusion in Smash 4!

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