Matthews fave 'mon, Dunsparce
Registered On June 5, 2010
Karma Level 352
Current Status Active
Gender male
Nicknames and Alts CaptainDungoose
matthewtheman is a regular at the Smash Boards. His favorite Pokemon is Dunsparce, and a major Berserk Button for him is others insulting it.

He wants it to be in Smash, but knows it isn't likely. He notably started a snowclone of the Daisy vs. the World series called Dunsparce vs. the World, which ignited the creation of several other vs the World series, causing a board fad that lasted months.

Like his friend Waluigi7, he is a big fan of The Beatles and wants them in Smash as individual characters. His favorite Beatle is Paul McCartney.

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