He's this guy. Really, that's all there is to it.

Believes the Super Smash Bros. fandom, especially the GameFAQs one, is the worst thing ever, yet still comes to the board. Believes the board is probably a black hole, but is still often hilarious and therefore worth staying on. Magmortar was around on the Brawl board back before Brawl came out, but didn't have an account on GameFAQs at the time.

Magmortar is most definitely not a table.

Magmortar will make a better page when he feels like making a better page.

Magmortar is a gigantic fan of Crash Bandicoot and became his most vocal supporter on the board during the Smash ballot. He said it's his favorite game series and sometimes would make long posts detailing how much the series actually being around means to him. Because of this, his hatred for Activision is the stuff of legend, and he is sometimes known to hunt down rosters that include Spyro instead of Crash.

Hates Tails, Marth, Bayonetta and amiibo and makes sure everyone knows.

His page is the 850th page on the wiki. woo-fucking-hoo


Post where Magmortar announced his departure. The topic was later modded.

Magmortar announced he was leaving the site on January 14th, 2016, citing personal issues with the overall quality of the community as his main reason.

Magmortar later returned to the site in mid-February under the name Ranticoot (which was actually created shorter after he announced was closing his account, intending to use it to occasionally lurk boards that guests and low karma accounts could not visit), citing that the site is a black hole, but made a point of not posting anywhere close to as often on SmashFAQ. Ranticoot later started posting again on dead game boards and some other places, then said he'd be a SmashFAQs poster under only rare circumstances, but he couldn't even keep that up as he is a regular poster again.