The Ballad of Mike Haggar08:59

The Ballad of Mike Haggar

The Ballad of Mike Haggar

Yeah! That's why I love wrestling.


MIKE HAGGAR is the mayor of Metro City and the star of Capcom's famous Final Fight series of beat-em-up games for arcade and SNES. MIKE HAGGAR was last seen strutting shirtless through hordes of unconscious superheroes in Marvel VS Capcom 3.


Super Smash Brothers currently has no characters who fight with lead pipes. The lead pipe lends itself well to a unique and satisfying moveset for MIKE HAGGAR and it fits with SSB series director Masahiro Sakurai's penchant for allowing characters to use items.


If any names are missing or misspelled, Mad Gear must have vandalized the page. Please contact MIKE HAGGAR about any vandalism incidents and do your best as a Metro Citizen to clean up in the meantime.

  • The Mayor of Earth, MIKE HAGGAR
  • MIKE HAGGAR's profile
  • MIKE HAGGAR's manly campaign slogan
  • A poster promoting MIKE HAGGAR for Mayor of America
  • MIKE HAGGAR riding an Arcanine like a real man
  • HAGGAR wielding a steel pipe
  • MIKE HAGGAR piledriving a shark
  • PIPE

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