The final topic made by our little Kamikaze poster.

That was an entirely unimpressive dump.


Well I enjoyed it.


The OriginEdit

"MERRY CHRISTMAS ily" was an account suicide topic made by the user HomyReindeer. This topic had nothing to do with the game and contained GIFs of bouncing boobies in the OP.

The topic was quickly deleted.

Homy then made a final topic asking how many women were playable in the game. The OP was on topic, surprisingly. The following post by the HomyReindeer however, was a copy and past of his first topic's OP, causing this topic to be modded as well. Pictures of this second topic can be found below.

Rest in peace in pieces HomyReindeer. We hardly knew neither ye nor your bobbing breastacles.

HomyDipshit Strikes BlackEdit

Soon after being banned, HomReindeer2 appeared, and created this topic.

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