Nice Quality
Species Human
Homeworld Nowhere Islands
Series Mother
Affiliation Not crying in his room while eating ice cream to ease the pain.
Gender Male

I guess I should have gone with Claus...


Lucas is a character from the Mother series, making his appearance as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. When Super Smash Bros 4 came out, he wasn't there, but he's back as DLC, bitches. 


Lucas was shown to be a crybaby in his own game, before evolving into a generic, but strong, protagonist. In the Smash series, Lucas is also shown to be a little bitch, but again evolves into a independent young man who don't need no mother, but it does't matter because she's chilling with Hades in hell.

Possible CutEdit

According to the Gematsu Leak, Lucas would probably be cut. Considering Harrison Ford was injured on the set of the new Star Wars movie, it's highly likely that Lucas will be as well. 

But now that Gematsu is dead, some people think Lucas will return again. Others are still calling for him to be cut though.

Oh, he was cut. BUT NOW HE'S BACK!


Lucas is known for:

  • Creating Star Wars.
  • Ruining Star Wars.
  • Creating Indiana Jones.
  • Ruining Indiana Jones.
  • A bunch of other stuff.
  • Being a semi-clone of Ness, but specials with similar aesthetics but different properties mean they're clearly full, 100% clones.
  • He's the main character of Mother Fucking 3.
  • He's Lucas.
  • He's awesome.
  • Being one of the only two characters playable in Smash not playable in any localized games. Unlike with Roy, however, Nintendo likes to joke about this. The fans don't.
    • As of Fire Emblem Heroes, Lucas is now the only Japan-exclusive character playable in Smash.
  • Coming out of nowhere.

Users Who Main Lucas in BrawlEdit

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Users Who Main Lucas in Project MEdit

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Users Who Main Lucas in Smash 4 Edit

You know the drill.

  • Average_Owain
  • NewDonker

ChibiDialga's Reaction To This PageEdit

" How dare they make fun of poor Lucas?!? I don't give a shit if half of its true! You're lucky I can't replace anything on here, otherwise I would've come and raged myself!"

Her sig even says that Lucas is her baby... but... Dialga + ? = Lucas doesn't even make sense. And isn't Lucas' mom dead? Then that means...


  • GeorgeLucas

    Lucas after the Mother series ended and his career went downhill.

    He's been through more hell than the Nintendo characters who have actually been there.
  • Sakurai wanted to replace Ness with him in Melee, but his game's postponement and eventual cancellation allowed them to coexist in Brawl. Still, though, niche series BIAS!!1!
  • He undergoes the exact same development he got in his game in Subspace Emissary. This is alright, though, because he had the happier ending he deserved the second time, and because he was the only character to have any development. Then this development carried over into the next Smash, meaning between this, R.O.B.'s Boxing Ring title, and the other few references, Subspace Emissary is canon.
  • Lucas is PK Love, Lucas is PK Life. That's all you need to know.
Super Smash Bros

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