The closest Duck Hunt has to a home stage on 3DS.

Living Room is a stage in Super Smash Bros 4. This one is based off of Nintendogs, but it's also got cats, which Sakurai, ever the cat lover, freaked out about in one of the Pics of the Day. Nintencats? Catendo?

Living Room is a surprisingly big stage for the 3DS version, probably surpassing even Gaur Plain. It starts out as a flat, barren field, but soon gets littered (geddit? Because there's cats? Eh? EEEEEEEEHHH?) with blocks and other dog toys. And a shoe. These serve as your platforms before they disappear in plain sight. Seriously, what's up with that?

The dogs (and cats) aren't very interested in the fight, though, and will spend more time running around and watching the TV. The last fact made Sakurai confused as to what he's making. They sure are distracting, though. But cute. But also distracting.

I'd just like to point out that the Japanese name for this stage is "Living Room with Puppy". ...but what about the cats? It's got cats, too. Shit, that's false advertising.

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