Species Hylian
Homeworld Hyrule
Series The Link Series
Affiliation Professional Pot Smasher
Lawn-mowing service
Gender Male



He come to town. Come to save the Princess Zelda. Ganon took her away, and now the children won't play, but they will when Link saves the day. Hallelujah!

Link is known by several names, but most commonly as the Hero of Time.

Ganon and His MinionsEdit

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Link is often called the Hero of Time because he had saved the world using the power of time travel in the game Ocarina of Time, even though the Ocarina has shown no ability to control time whatsoever since it is just a simple blue ocarina that is played by Link and the Royal Family. The closest the ocarina comes to controlling time is by slowing it down and sending Link 3 days back In time. But sending him back in time is not controlling time and the slowdown does not last long enough and it you can not control when the effect stops.

Also the Master sword cam sometimes put one into a coma-like sleep for 7 years without any life support for you to live. You just pull the master sword out, fall asleep, and wake up realising you hit puberty during your 10-hour nap.

After sealing Ganon, Link was then sent back in time to meet Zelda again to tell her what was going to happen so she could summon the sages and seal Ganon while he had very little power over the kingdom. From here, he has three timelines. Before Ocarina of Time, he did some different shit, but some adventures still involved time travel. Hyrule has since then been forced to evolve and change over the decades.

World travelEdit

Not only does Link travel through time, but he also has Palkia under his control. In TP, Link has to journey through the Twilight Realm and his own. He also does this in a Link Between Worlds where he has to murge into walls and slide into cracks just to get to Lorule.

Also I'm pretty sure he goes into the Dark World in a Link to the Past but then why does it have PAST in the title when that refers to time travel? Answer me that!

Also while not really jumping between realities, Link has sailed the seas to different lands twice and rode a train to them once... Does that count?

Link's Hat Edit

Link stupid fucking hat.

Link's stupid fucking hat, still on his head.

Link has a hat that he normally always wears, except for at the beginning of Skyward Sword and for most of Breath of the Wild. On June 24th 2014, Sakurai released a picture of Link in a cool outfit similar to his Skyward Sword one, but he still had his fucking hat on. This obviously caused an out cry of users claiming this proved that Sakurai is a lazy piece of shit that cares nothing about his fans whatsoever.

It's finally gone, though, as of the new Smash!

Users Who Main LinkEdit

  • Mr_Snorlax1986 (64 and Melee)
  • Master_Radori (Melee)
  • Svedeesh_Cheff (SSB4)


  • Link is the single most worshipped Nintendo character and biggest sacred cow in all of gaming outside of SmashFAQs. This, infamously, includes the rest of GameFAQs (as seen in their Character Battles, which often consistently had him and Cloud Strife as the top 2 characters).
  • Link is often called Zelda because 'Name in title = Main Protagonist's name'... Guess that means Pit's name is actually Kid Icarus, and that Samus' name is Metroid, AND THAT JUMPMAN'S NAME IS DONKEY KO-*Gets dragged away*