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Registered On August 30, 2012
Karma Level 32: Legend
Current Status Inactive
Gender Female
Nicknames and Alts Loser, BlueDiamond93

LightEcoSage was a user on the Super Smash Bros. boards.

Smash BoardsEdit

LightEcoSage is know to post controversial opinions on the boards and talk down to anyone that disagrees with her.

Controversy on the Playstation All-Stars BoardEdit

LightEcoSage is a loser, highly sensitive, opinionated and bias poster on the GameFAQs PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale community. Her reputation among the community had steadily decreased and is currently at an all time low, especially after saying that she is glad that Snovv's brother has autism. She has now claimed that her reason for saying so is to make the boards active again, as if she wasn't pathetic enough.

Though loathed by an overwhelmingly large proportion of that board's community, LightEcoSage has taken the time to help fellow Jak players, even making an excellent Jak combo video.

In the Present DayEdit

LightEcoStage is currently recovering as a Daxter sex addict and Jax addict.

It is heavily speculated that LightEcoSage is trying to earn back her reputation.

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