Letters to Sakurai are letters that the board decides to write to Masahiro Sakurai every once in a while.

NutOfDeath's 60-something Letters LetterEdit

Note: This letter was supposed to reach 100 words, but it was modded before that could happen, leaving it to clock in at 68 plus a few.

Dear Masahiro Skrai,

Nincompoop! Kid Icarus bias is dumb; seeping moist Ridley gluten. Yuri Lowell! Flibbertigibbet! Chrob! Smash!

Pardon that gibberish.

ARMPITS: EXTREME DEODORANT! Haberdasheries: Monado, Reyn, kittens. KIRBY BIAS TIME! Tourette's running through lawn chairs! Knobs + casuals + DACUS reveal. Butts = Ghirahim. Santa unlikely.

Rool, include unlikely apnea. Please. Pootang. Don't grow Kraid. Contra reps deserve mustard. Dark Pit on wombo burgers. Waluigi's tilts are big flabby jellyfish.

OshawottGuy4's 11-Sentence LetterEdit

Dear Mr. Sakurai, Waddle Dees are the cutest things you've ever created. And Waluigi is the cutest character in general. I saw Ridley swinging in the trees going after dat booty. We need more bunnies in Smash. Please revive Lolo and Lala, not as Lololo and Lalala cameos in your latest kirby, but revive them as their original roles as puzzle room solvers and put them into a new wonderful game of their own. This should happen at your earliest convenience, as those games were totally baller. And to add on, if it is not too much trouble or hassle for you and your team of developers at Namco's building, I would just like to say that I, as well as many other fans of these games, would prefer it if you were to add a hentai mode, in which the art style has it's own unique spin on the general anime style art, every character has tentacles, and everyone is nude, along with Lolo and Lala announcing whatever is currently happening during the match. Do us all a favor and kill yourself Sakurai,and You have a very beautiful family (not in a creepy way though- someone recently showed me pictures... oh, that got creepy, didn't it?). I love you. Well I can cease my lying now, I actually believe you are an utter moron Sakurai.

PaleTunaPls' LetterEdit

This one is way too long and way too time consuming, so we're just going to link you.

brentvh's LetterEdit

Note: This one had two versions, both of which were compiled by Shaneikua. The regular version is first, followed by the one that's been edited to make more sense.

Dear Ridley pervert,

Arm Squad it poop hoochie Walu feel butterstick poop Beatles yodacheese molestation fungus. Fat boobies User728; poop ricosuave hilarious on PAWG Ridley is too medium too triskaidekaphobic and and and and the Seal the the the party and Ultra pineapples OBJECTION SUBJECTION! Defenestrate Sora pilkunnussija Ragnarok REJECTION INJECTION! REJECTION EREC*shot* PROTECTION Sumerian. Tomatoes flagellation Love, Identification MASTUR*shot* Krystal yes Chi-Chi??!? It stinks fart-blossom hi aliens lol senpai nipples Understand potato when Villager topless meowth poop everywhere. Bleeding Mewtwo! Whenever I ballsacks Spongebob Ridley Eats Luma's Microwaved toenails and notridley and waifu hamburger yummy! Jesus inside Kamina fetish rats progressively Implode inside handsome poop pellets on my Boilerdang Reggie, which calls for KOS-MOS But isn't Daisy Milking? Twitch Dongs meat face face Colloquial. Spartans! Tonight! we! Episcopalion Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious POOP YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SANVICH!! Collaborating with prostitutes wearing pizza goiters WALUIGI Big Sorry gravy on bump BUTS mayonnaise ¡Arriba! Seriously, dance Cheetahmen Go futhermore, evaporation kills Water molecules That fart. magazine cannot Italian. Pikmin n PlayStation Legs start9 vehicle dolan SHAZAM!! GOKAIGER! Expelliarmus! Sausage mash no hair #FreeEdgar2014 congratulate me monkey fondles poop bazooka Scrotums tickled Helix Grapefruits Kakarot Waffle in paradise Kalos Bye. Where are Mewtwo and Poo and powerpuff sucks pickles lol. are Fortune's Dividend Doods didleys. Sandwich Bad bad bad better Badbetter 229th worst

Dear Ridley pervert,

Arm Squad, it poops hoochie. Walu feels the butterstick of poop. Beatles have yodacheese molestation fungus. The fat boobies of User728; poop out ricosuave hilarious on PAWG. Ridley is too medium and too triskaidekaphobic and the Seal, the party, and Ultra pineappl-OBJECTION! SUBJECTION! He defenestrates Sora's pilkunnussija. Ragnar-REJECTION INJECTION! REJECTION! EREC*shot* PROTECTION! The Sumerian Tomatoes like flagellation.

Love, Identification MASTUR*shot* Krystal, yes Chi-Chi??!?

P.S. It stinks fart-blossom. Hi aliens, lol, senpai's nipples. Understand the potato when Villager is topless. Meowth poops everywhere. Bleeding Mewtwo! Whenever I ballsacks the Spongebob, Ridley eats Luma's microwaved toenails, notridley and waifu hamburger. Yummy! Jesus is inside Kamina. Fetish rats progressively implode inside handsome poop pellets on my Boilerdang Reggie, which calls for KOS-MOS. But isn't Daisy milking? Twitch's dong meat faces colloquial. Spartans! Tonight! We episcopalion supercalifragilisticexpialidocious POOP YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SANVICH!! You should be collaborating with prostitutes wearing pizza goiters, like WALUIGI. Big sorry, gravy on! Bump, BUT mayonnaise! ¡Arriba! Seriously, dance Cheetahmen, go futhermore! Evaporation kills water molecules that fart. Magazines cannot be Italian or Pikmin n PlayStation. Legs start9 vehicle dolan SHAZAM!! GOKAIGER! Expelliarmus! Sausage mash my no hair. #FreeEdgar2014 congratulates me and my monkey fondles poop bazooka. Scrotums tickled the Helix's Grapefruits. Kakarot's waffles are in paradise, Kalos. Bye. Where are Mewtwo and Poo? And powerpuff sucks picklepuffs. lol. are Fortune's Dividend Doods didleys. Sandwich Bad bad bad better Badbetter 229th worst

Megagunstarman's WordEdit

FQPtfA7w&Ñ#yoloZ And then, out of the darkness of the night, appeared my c***

evilsquirrle's LetterEdit

Let's Die. S. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicivilcanoconiosis is Pineapple Waluigi IsnotthewifeofPrincessDaisyandLoreleiisconfirmedlol *laughs* Doughnut You Great






unfortUnately. This topic is an excellent demonstration of why you should never make 1-word story topics.

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