Lemmy Koopa
Species Whore
Homeworld Sewer
Series TMNT
Affiliation evil
Gender Whore

Lemmy Koopa is a Koopaling, and a meth addict. His siblings tried to bring him to rehab but he started killing everyone cause he is evil. He has a sweet mohawk, but an ugly af rat tail. But he is a turtle?

He is not actually related to the Koopalings by birth. His real parents are Michelangelo and Splinter, but he was abducted by Bowser when he was little, and forced to be a slave. Lemmy doesn't know the truth, as he was brainwashed by his whole family into thinking he is related to them. Poor guy. Wait does that mean he is Corrin in disguise! 0_0?

He currently resides in Koopa Land and is Heisenberg's #1 buyer. He is also the reason why Sakurai nerfed Zelda - he was having a meth party with Sakurai.


  • If Bowser jr has his moveset changed completely and he is no longer in his koopa clown car in the next smash, Lemmy will take his clown car and he gets his own final smash, which transforms the clown car into Lemmy's mech that he uses in Yoshi's Safari, this will happen if we get the ability to play with 9 players or above.
    • Even the rest of Koopalings will be separate characters in the next smash.