Kuroko Shirai
Species Human
Homeworld Academy City
Series A Certain Scientific Railgun
Affiliation Judgement (Desu No)
Gender Female

Stop with the rail gun animu s***


Kuroko Shirai is a level 4 esper and a member of Judgement. She attends Tokiwadai Middle School with her best friend, Misaka Mikoto. She is extremely proficient with her ability of teleportation. For some reason, BiggerRidIey has a rather odd obsession with her.


Kuroko is a girl with auburn hair that is tied into two pigtails with red bows and bangs that part in the middle. As a student of Tokiwadai Middle School, she is required to wear her uniforms at all times. When on duty for Judgement, she wears a pair of black straps under her skirt to store metal spikes used to detain criminals. She is known for putting on her Judgement armband and calling out her catchphrase:

Judgement desu no!

—Shirai Kuroko

Relationship with Misaka MikotoEdit

"There's this horrifying teleporter in Judgment who'll tear apart your body and soul if she catches you...and there's another that rules over even that teleporter's body and soul - the strongest Electromaster,"


Kuroko is also known for her unrequited love of her best friend, Misaka Mikoto. Apparently, Kuroko was not interested in any woman until she met Mikoto, who she stays loyal to. A distinguishing feature of Kuroko's one-way relationship is that she refers to Mikoto as her Oneesama (Older Sister). Kuroko forced her way into the same dorm in order to continue her search for Misaka Mikoto's heart.



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