Species Human
Homeworld Arendelle
Series Frozen
Affiliation His Many, Many, MANY Fangirls
Gender Male

Didn't your parents ever warn you about strangers?


Kristoff is a character from Frozen. He is the single hunkiest character created by anyone during the time the board was active. Therefore, everyone wants this sexy slab of man meat. I mean, look at him.

What He DidEdit

Fixer Upper03:01

Fixer Upper

He was basically the star fo the whole movie. There was something about sisters and curses too, and a snowman I think, but it was mainly Kristoff being a man. A manly man who thinks you shouldn't marry the first man you meet. What a man.


Kristoff is voiced by the legendary Broadway singer Jonathan Groff, but only uses that power for one short ass song because we needed to hear some dumbass song about a snowman wanting to get hot and bothered. He can also trap people in arousal by emitting his musk at them. He can also summon his sleigh to run people over and get his reindeer friend pet Sven to bite and kick people. Plus he'll go nuts over ice. If near him, get rid of all ice in your possession, for your own safety.

Sexy Kristoff Things:Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Due to his love for ice, many people think he was originally designed as a love interest for Elsa, not Anna.
  • Anna is his bitch, mainly because she's a dumb blonde in disguise.
  • No one has any idea who his parents are, mainly because he didn't seem to belong to anyone on the ice.
  • He eats food that people have already put in their mouth.

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