Kongo Jungle 64

Kongo Jungle is a Stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It is the oldest playable stage outside of one player modes (well, one of, as three N64 brothers join it as DLC). This is considered a big stage and is useable for eight player smash.

It doesn't even look like one definite area in Donkey Kong Country.

And while we're discussing look, it looks fucking old.

Layout Edit

The stage is made up of one curved platform with two more up above it. It also has two platforms that rotate in the middle of the stage. A cannon hovers around below it and can actually shoot you through the main platform despite not being able to move through by ducking.

Music Edit

  • DK Jungle Swing Track (at least it's the N64 version, which is fitting)
  • DK Jungle Swing Track #2
  • DK Jungle Swing Track #3
  • The rather lackluster King K. Rool remix from Brawl
  • Donkey Kong Country opening theme
  • Donkey Kong Country opening theme #2