This is a GameFAQS user who is mostly known for bait and switch topics and account suicide, as he's been on Warned 60 times, and hasn't been banned.

  • He has a list of videos of which he uses for Bait and Switch, such as the Lucky Star opening, Soulja Boy Crank Dat, and ECCH Grumps. Occasionally, he makes a not-bait topic, and people never respond. But whenever he makes a B&S topic, people fall for it everytime.
  • He is either a weeaboo, or hates animé.
  • He likes Jet Grind Radio.
  • Hates Lucas
  • Loves Wolf
  • Doesn't know who Chrob is.
  • Mains Wii Fit Trainer, because SmashFAQS said so.
  • Wants Konata from Lucky Star in Smash 4.


  • Wii Fit Trainer

    Wii Fit!

Not a weeb, btw.

Yes I want Konata.


Totally, bait and switch...

Happy people care enough to make me a page.

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