Every once in a while, kidmf935 wiill attempt to get a 500 so that he can join the cool people in the 500 Achievers Club

They always fail (some miserably, while some just wither away and die).

The following topics are some of his attempts to do so:

Corocoro has begun leaking (Continued)Edit

This was an attempt to leech off of another 500 topic, but it backfired and failed miserably. See Corocoro has begun leaking for more information.

Assume Fire Emblem Gets a(nother) New Rep- Who Should it be?Edit

This wasn't actually a 500 attempt, but it was the closest he's ever come. It did hit the front page of GameFAQs itself, at the very least.

I have a rather... Embarrassing problem with King DededeEdit

Fearing the mods, kidmf935 posted this topic as hit alt, Luciba.

It hit 10 posts before it was taken down for being off-topic. Somehow.

So, I have a huge crush for King Dedede. I can't focus on my "zone" while playing against him! I don't have this problem in Brawl. (go figure). I don't normally struggle like this against any character. But the way he goes "Hup! Ho!" And then jumps on you. And when he makes those evocative facial expressions, my body goes all hot and my mind can't focus. That face tho. Mm.

So, you see my problem. Please, help me with some tips on focusing against King Dedede.

Any Petty Reasons for Disliking Any Characters?Edit

This one is on life-support, but he refuses to kill it. And then he finally went and was about to let it die upon realizing that most people who were going to had already posted in it, but he gave it one last chance a day later.

Don't Tell Me You Seriously Miss Any of the CutsEdit

This topic was an attempt to rile up the board.

It was deleted by the mods for trolling after post fourteen. Technically, it was, but somehow people believed it (despite its calling Villager a Snake clone).

OK, seriously, let's look at this unbiased for a minute.

Wolf and Lucas were clones. Star Fox already had one Fox clone, it didn't need another in the first place. There is absolutely nothing that Fox doesn't already bring to the game that Wolf does. That, and no one liked Wolf in the first place. Remember the backlash? Plus everyone wanted Krystal more anyway. And she at least had a chance of not being the second Fox clone. And Lucas is a Ness clone, too. Plus he's from an obscure Japan-only game that even Japan doesn't like. You're not missing anything by not being able to play as Ness #2. Plus Earthbound and Star Fox weren't big enough to warrant more reps than they had in Melee anyway.

Squirtle is made redundant by Greninja. Since there's already a Water type, we don't need two. Plus no one used Squirtle anyway- everyone always went for Charizard. Squirtle isn't even big enough to warrant his own slot- he had to piggyback off of Charizard. Ivysaur's even worse in this regard. Absolutely no one cares about it, and its moveset was terrible. Plus if Ivysaur got back in we wouldn't be able to get Sceptile. And, once more, absolutely no one used Ivysaur. Pokemon Trainer in general was Charizard tied to a terrible gimmick. And absolutely no one misses Ivysaur.

And especially the Ice Climbers. The only reason they were high tier was their chain grabs- otherwise, no one cared about them. They were a gimmicky slot on the selection screen with an uninspired moveset. Plus Rosalina and Luma do what they did so much better. And they're old and irrelevant- no one cared in the first place. No one even cared about them until they were cut. There is absolutely no reason to want them back- they were a blight on the roster that stuck out like a sore thumb (just like Shulk), and it's infinitely better without them.

Don't even get me started on Snake. He was a third-party character who wasn't deserving of being in in the first place, and he completely ruined both the announcement trailer and Brawl in general for me. Metal Gear has no place in Smash Bros. Plus Snake's being in Smash Bros. meant he couldn't be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Kojima himself said this). And Snake never really fit in. We have some weird cartoony people, some swordsmen, some animals, and... a weapons user. Snake was disgusting. Even so, his moveset lives on in Villager, so no one should be complaining about his absence anyway. Really, how Snake got in in the first place baffles me. He has nothing to do with Nintendo, and his mug completely soiled Brawl for me. When he teamed up with Lucario and Meta Knight in the Subspace Emissary I just turned the game off and refused to ever touch Brawl again. Don't forget how his presence brings the rating up to a T, and a lower rating means more sales.

As for Melee, you're lucky you got that low-tier garbage as DLC. And don't expect it to happen to the other three. Pichu is a terrible clone, and even Dark Pit is better than he is. At least Dark Pit isn't the lightest thing ever and doesn't hurt himself. Plus Pichu is made redundant by Pikachu- we don't need two Electric types. Young Link was just a worse Link. And he was replaced by Toon Link. We don't need three Links. Especially since Young Link and Toon Link are the exact same anyway, except for the graphics and the flaming arrows (which still did the exact same thing). Oh Roy, where do I start? He is one of the worst Fire Emblem lords ever. He was terrible in even his own game. Plus people only cared about him because they didn't know who he was. The only thing he's add to Smash is not being a blue-haired swordsman, and Robin already covers that. Plus we have Lucina, a Marth clone. We don't need two. And Ike replaced Roy, anyway, so as long as Ike's in Roy's staying gone. And don't forget Roy Koopa. Why would the game have two Roys?

So stop complaining about cuts to characters who never should have been in in the first place.

Type a Smash Character with your Eyes Closed!Edit

This is his current attempt. So far, it's doing well, as he's gained eight pages within the span of a few hours.

Top Front!
It's notable in that it made the top of the front page of GameFAQs, greatly pleasing kid. He has high hopes for this one.

It's even gained two derivatives!

He finally let it die around the 300th post (ironically, this was after he attempted to derail the topic for a 500).


  • He technically has achieved 3 500 topics, but they're all on another board, so they don't count.
  • On November 4th, 2014, he finally gained his first 500 topic. And then he ended up getting more later on with his Ike vs. topics. And now he wonders why he ever cared so much.

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