Account Created January 6th, 2014
Karma Level 33: Elite
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Alts kidmf937
Nicknames Kid

I hope you get mugged by Team Valor.


kid did some stuff once. Now he mostly just lurks. 

Games and PollsEdit

He has participated in his fair share of forum games and polls, but this has recently subsided. For a short time, he hosted Mii vs. the World, but the mods put a stop to it (see below). He once hosted both Should it Return? and "Assume ______ Gets a New Rep- Who Should it be?" They both ended pre-release when he went on his hiatus from the board, though (although he later made a finale for what did and didn't return on the 3DS board followed by another on the Wii U board). He has also hosted an RP, Pokemon: The Winds of Change (which has its own wiki), and he's currently hosting the third one in the series.

First Vote

He was actually the very first voter on a poll of the day once. This is his greatest achievement. Bow down before him.

He formerly hosted Mii vs. the World, which was modded on Day 3 and discontinued after Day 4, and How Does Today's PotD Confirm Ridley (actually a resurrection of SalsaSavant's old series), which was modded on Day 17 and cancelled abruptly (here's the final winner list). However, he has agreed to let AuraWielder take over the latter for him, meaning there may be hope yet (although maybe not, because the mods are awful, and even AuraWielder isn't immune). For a while, he held a Most Deserving Newcomer Tournament , but he killed it because he lost interest. He's still waiting in vain for someone to ask him what happened to it so that he can pass on the reigns, but...

For a few months, he hosted GameFAQs Most Wanted Newcomer DLC (based on Pinxed's original series pre-release). In the end, after a long night of bloodshed and what may or may not have amounted to bots, King K. Rool beat Phoenix Wright by 2 votes.

Currently, he hosts Ike vs. Smash Bros. and sometimes gives input on DEATH BATTLE: Super Smash Bros. Edition, which he left in the hands of his co-hosts. He also hosted what may have been one of the longest living topics on the board, running from May 13th, 2016 (for reference, this was before Donald Trump had become the official Republican nominee) to December 5th, 2016.

Which of these Alt. Costumes would you like? was taken over from judgementaeon (with his blessing), who no longer had the time to make it.

  • Mii vs. the World (Discontinued after Day 4.)
  • Should it Return? (Ended after 56 days.)
  • Assume ______ Gets a New Rep- Who Should it be? (Ended after 34 days.)
  • How Does Today's PotD Confirm Ridley? (Modded on Day 17.)
  • Most Deserving Newcomer Tournament (Winner: Mega Man; discontinued after 30 days)
  • Ike vs. Smash Bros. (Currently running)
  • GameFAQs Most Wanted DLC Newcomer (Winner: King K. Rool)
  • Which of these Alt. Costumes would you like? (Taken over on Day 20; discontinued)
  • Death Battle: Super Smash Bros. Edition (Retired)



He also goes around promoting his opinion as gospel and leaving before things get worse.

He's also made it clear that he hates everyone on the right. 


Pengu's one of the only people kid talks to anymore thanks to Games-N'-Things. He's pretty cool. Got good memes.


Same deal with Miko thanks to Discord and kid's Pokemon RP.


Haven't spoken in a while, but they got along well enough.


HerbertMcGee is one of kidmf935's favorite users due to both his huge amount of help around the wiki and his generally amusing and informative posts.


kidmf935 and Pinxed get along generally well (although they mostly talk in kidmf935's Pokemon RP). Pinxed is a pretty cool guy.


kidmf935 thinks that energyman2289 is one of the board's most reasonable users, and he thinks he is a pretty cool guy. kid was sad to see his account closed.


kid thinks he's a pretty cool guy too. They usually talk on Discord.


Just some loser no one cares about and the reason kid cancelled all of his projects. Good job, Ras.

Mains and SecondariesEdit

Whatever he feels like at the moment.


  • He started as kidmf937 but later created kidmf935 when his messages ran out.

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