Species Asian
Homeworld China
Series Kirby
Affiliation Recolors
Gender Dead
Keeby is a highly requested newcomer hailing from the game, Kirby's Wet Dream.


Keeby at first glace appears to be Kirby, only asian, but there is more to him than meets the eye. What is it? I’ll never tell.


Sakurai has stated in a drug induced hallucination I had that he wishes to add Keeby as a DLC character. He also states that Keeby is different than Kirby because he has a different name. Despite this, he says that Keeby will have the exact same moveset as Kirby.


Keeby is a highly requested character that people claim to want as DLC. The user ArcLordCarlisle even went as far as to say if Keeby gets in, he should have a White and Gold and Blue and Black alt.