Kaptain Skurvy
Skurvy 2
Species Kremling (Since no one can seem to agree)
Homeworld Kongo Bongo Island
Series The Donkey Kong Country Animated Series
Affiliation General Klump (brother); Quint Skurvy (great-great-great grandpappy); Mother; Father; Donkey Kong (Enemy); Kutlass (crew member); Green Kroc (crew member)
Gender Male. although some fanart begs to differ

If you ask me mother, she'll say, 'Ah, he's not so bad,' but when I left the house I took everything she had.

—Kaptain Skurvy

Kaptain Skurvy is a recurring antagonist on The Donkey Kong Country Animated Series. He periodically tried to steal a coconut that he had the rights to from Donkey Kong, but then they abandoned him in Season 2 after one episode because Season 2 sucked. He's known for his amazing singing voice and multiple songs, which have been said to be the best in the show and proof that there is still hope for humanity.

What Would he Bring to Smash?Edit

Kaptain Skurvy has an amazing singing voice, which would be useful for his movesets. He also represents the TV side of Nintendo, which is so far only represented by Pokemon. 

Relevance to SmashEdit

He's very relevant. Now that Diddy is in, Smash needs a villain, and it needs a huge, villainous anthropomorphic crocodile. Clearly, Kaptain Skurvy is the only option.

Kaptain Skurvy

Kaptain Skurvy

Donkey Kong Song 3 Gotta Get it Back! Take it Back!01:34

Donkey Kong Song 3 Gotta Get it Back! Take it Back!

This isn't Skurvy's song alone, but he's the only reason you should be watching it.

Family Life Edit

Kaptain Skurvy's mother apparently thinks that he isn't that bad, despite his stealing everything from her. His father also likes to tell stories. They're good parents, though, because they banished his brother after he took the blame for something no one cares about, and he didn't recognize his brother until the show started sucking. Then again, he started stealing and became a pirate because he couldn't have his brother, and I guess some Skurvy is better than no Skurvy...

Donkey Kong Song 4 Booty Booty01:23

Donkey Kong Song 4 Booty Booty

Kaptain Skurvy talks about his home life.


Donkey Kong Song 2 Pirates Scorn-001:37

Donkey Kong Song 2 Pirates Scorn-0

His leaked reveal trailer.

As shown to the side, Kaptain Skurvy has been leaked performing a duet with Donkey Kong, clearly as part of the new Adventure Mode. He's also had a leaked reveal trailer, but who cares about that?
Donkey Kong Song 6 The Mirror Never Lies01:25

Donkey Kong Song 6 The Mirror Never Lies

Leaked Adventure Mode footage featuring Donkey Kong.

Known SupportersEdit

As DK needs a third rep, he is the only option.

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