Kangaroo Jack
Species Kangaroo, mate
Homeworld Australia Mate
Series Kangaroo Jack, mate
Affiliation Kangaroos, m8
Gender Male... M888888t


Kangaroo Jack (actual name is Jackie Legs, and he'd like to say hello) is the leaked final newcomer for Super Smash Bros 4, mate. Sakurai decided that Kangaroo Jack should be playable at the last minute because Capcom wanted a tie-in to their upcoming Kangaroo Jack endless runner for the iPhone, which Capcom put Mega Man Legends 3's budget towards, mate. HerbertMcGee suggested Kangaroo Jack as the worst potential newcomer in Super Smash Bros 4, mate. And then Sakurai came up with something far, far worse... m8

Known Information Edit

  • Kangaroo Jack functions similarly to Little Mac, as in he does nothing but punch, but he isn't weak in the air, mate. This is because Kangaroo Jack always jumps mate. As soon as you hit the ground, Kangaroo Jack starts jumping again, mate.
  • Kangaroo Jack has insane recoveries that can get you back on the center of the stage from the KO line MATE.
  • Kangaroo Jack raps for the entire duration of the match.
  • Whenever you select a different character on the Character Selection Screen, there is a 10% chance you will play as Kangaroo Jack instead, m8.
  • Due to deadlines, Sakurai cut Ness, Falco, Mr. Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Lucas, and Solid Snake in favor of him, m8te.
  • In addition, there was a major bug when Kangaroo Jack was in a fight with Mega Man, Sonic, Robin, Ike, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Captain Falcon, so Sakurai had to remove those characters from the final game m888. Please Understand MATES.

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