Kalos Pokemon League, with it's stage boss, Excalibur, ready to call you a fool any second now.

The Kalos Pokemon League is the Pokemon League of Kalos (yes, really) and a stage in Super Smash Bros 4. It swaps around between the different chambers. Like Skyloft and Delfino Plaza, there are no people here. The Elite Four are strangely missing. But the stage does have a number of Pokemon, including some which I find it hard to believe that the Pokemon League members would have, like Manaphy, Rayquaza, and Registeel. Also, it's got a flying Wailord. Yes, really. The stage has a number of hazards which likely ruin its competitive viability, though, like giant flame pillars, water slides, huge swords, and a living dragon statue. This stage is also home to Excalibur, from the United King. He is looking for her. He is going to Californiaaaaaaaaaaa.

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