Registered On December 14, 2004
Karma Level 33: Legend
Current Status Ghost
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts KFrosty

KFrosty3, also known as KFrosty, since no one else was even using the numberless version of the name, is a ghost of GameFAQs.

He has a habit of posting like twice a month before disappearing into the abyss. Also, he tends to try to argue with trolls using empathy and logic. So in other words, he's an idiot hippie.

Trivia Edit

  • KFrosty is a small time supporter of Roy and Simon Belmont. With how little he post, it's surprising that anyone noticed.
  • He had a two day rivalry with Waluigi7 because it's Waluigi7.
    • However, due to this rivalry, Waluigi7 did stop talking about The Beatles for like a day.
  • He has an account that is older than most GameFAQs users have been alive.
  • Apparently had no clue that this wiki was a thing.
  • Created the page for Primal_Rojse , to the chagrin of Primal_Rojse

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