Account Created December 16, 2012
Karma Level 32: Legendary
Current Status Somewhat Active
Gender Female

KAMMY KOOPA is the final hope for Nintendo!

—KAMMYqueen on her idol.

KAMMYqueen is a legendary user on GameFAQs. She is notorious for her extremely strong support of her idol, Kammy Koopa.


KAMMYqueen goes around GameFAQs and is known across various boards. She often tells people of Kammy Koopa's greatness and forces her into any situation possible. She is quite adamant about Kammy Koopa appearing in Super Smash Brothers as a playable character. KAMMYqueen is known for shouting out Kammy Koopa's name in all caps when mentioning her.

It is her belief that Nintendo is doomed and that only Kammy Koopa can save them.


Kammy KoopaEdit

She loves her.

Not Kammy KoopaEdit

You are trash.

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