JustineCourtney is a new member of the SmashFAQs community. It is possible this account was made to imitate the character of the same name from Ace Attorney Investigations 2. In her/his topics, they pretend to be a Judge leading trials on a certain issue. Their topics seem to have the general theme of crusading against Sakurai's perceived bias and they will argue with anybody who disagrees with them. They are a firm believer in the Goddess of Law and seeks justice through the court system, much to the annoyance of people who enter their court.

They recently made a topic which reached 500 entitled "Is it time for Sakurai to go?" which can be found here:

Following this topic, several other topics were made either to defend Sakurai or to continue to berate his decision making. This topic was later added to the The Goddess of Laws Trials as part of that series of topics accusing Sakurai of bias.

They are a member of the court of the Goddess of Law's court along with GoddessRosal1na and Bellagio and has an alt named CourtneyJustine.

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