You and I would make a wonderful couple

—Jorenty, to the devil

I Like Trains Kid
Account Created Saturday, April 26, 2014 3:40 PM
Karma Level ~4: Closed
Current Status Kidnapped by Greninjas.
Gender *checks* very much male.
Alts Everyone on GameFAQs, even you.
Nicknames Joren

That bitch who thinks he's cool because he's attached to Divine_shadow_ and ChibiDialga by a tow-rope.

A random douchebag who can't stay on topic. His most wanted newcomer was Grima, though he expected Chrob. Robin seems pretty cool though.

Choo! Choo!

An average topic JorentyIII is involved in. Lovely, isn't it?

History with the boardEdit

He started out as a lurker in other boards until E3, in which he started posting exclusively in the Smash Bros. one.

He became a permanent user after the dechromfirmation, and since he (technically) got his most wanted, he decided to post without purpose and take b8 endlessly. After mentally snapping, (thanks to you know who) he made a (modded) topic saying he was every user on the board and became less on topic every day in which he posted. He soon made his first friend in Divine_shadow_ and the two derailed topics as best friends in ways similar to ChibiDialga, then the three of them teamed up and it was all happy ending from there.

Senpais who notice him Edit


  • Qt7PgZS

    JorentyIII's ChibiArceus alt in the eyes of Ghasts

    Everyone on Gamefaqs.

SmashFAQs dating sim Edit

He loves to rub in the fact that he's in charge of this, but has yet to sit down on a computer and type scripts for it, instead he desperately searches for an artist to help him out.


  • File-Index

    His most wanted newcomer. He's still fine with Robin.

    Yaoi and trains are the two things he associates himself with. (Not gay... entirely)
  • He is a flirt, who, despite being an IRL virgin is known for having had a one-night stand with a variety of users ever since his tragically unexpected divorce with JohnTeetor.
  • Kyogre is not his favorite gen 3 legendary, ironically...