John Stamos
John Stamos getty
Species God
Homeworld Full House...House
Series Full House
Gender God

John Stamos is an upcoming DLC character for Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

After years of bantering from fans, Nintendo finally added him to one of their games.

He only has 4 moves.

1. The Stamos Squeeze

2.The Stamos Scalpper

3.The Stamos Slap

4.He brings in Uncle Joey to tell a horrible joke.

Why is he in the game? Edit

Because f*** Bob Saget

When will the DLC be released? Edit

Watch all Full House reruns in order. When you reach episode 420 at wxactly 6:66 the Illuminati's private phone number should pop up. Call them and ask for a large cheese pizza. Launch your PS Vita and Stamos should be playable

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