James Bond
Species Human
Homeworld London, United Kingdom (shecretly Shcotland)
Series Jamesh Bond
Affiliation MI5 / Her Majeshty'sh Shecret Shervish
Gender Male

The name'sh Bond. Jamesh Bond.

—Jamesh Bond

Shee that? Fifty "no"'sh and a "yesh"... meansh yesh.

—Jamesh Bond

A much wanted newcomer. He already hash an item and was conshidered for Melee, so why not add him now?


  • If he were conshidered for Shmash, he'd either be bashed on Broshnan (for the original GoldenEye) or Craig (for itsh Wii remake), But shpeaking like Connery ish too much damn fun.


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