Species Shota
Homeworld A Bad Game
Series Golden Sun
Affiliation Himself
Gender Mute

Jill gave Isaac a nice surprise! Isaac got a Hard Nut!

—The game

Isaac is the main character of Golden Sun and a supporting character in the other installments in the series. He can wield swords, making him yet another anime swordfighter. Isaac’s waifu is Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon. (which may or may not be bad taste. I don’t know, i’ve never watched Sailor Moon.) and as such, faps exclusively to porn of her. In Golden Sun: BLACKED, which takes place 69 years after the events of Golden Sun: Lost My Keys, he gets hit by a truck and dies. Rip shotaboi.


Isaac primarily uses Magic “Psynergy”, which includes moves such as a giant hand that pushes things, a giant hand that grabs things, a giant hand that lifts things, and a giant hand that punches shit outside of battle. In battle, Isaac can use a variety of devastating attacks such as Bad Dragon Dildos, Japanese Earthquakes, Daniel Bryan, Kirby’s Avalanche, Gaia from Captain Planet, Cure, (wait, doesn't that heal things?) and Kangaroo.

The Replacment GoldfishEdit


The only good part of the entire Golden Sun series.

Matthew is Isaac's bastard son conceived after an incident involving Kevin Spacey, a Turkey Baster, and a copy of Superman 64. He’s the main bitch of the third game that nobody likes, Golden Sun: BLACKED. He shares similar characteristics to Isaac, you could say that he's the exact same fucking character, seeing as how he has blonde hair, uses swords, and is a delicious shota just like his father. Matthew also swears near the end of BLACKED. (through Q*bert style symbol swearing.)

War With British CloudEdit

For some reason, Isaac is at war with British Cloud. No one knows why, but for some reason only one of them can get in. Despite Isaac having more games, seniority, and better sales, Shulk’s one game is actually good, allowing him to get in while Isaac and his fanboys cry in the corner.

Role in the Supremely Smashed Brohams Series Edit

Isaac was an Unpaid Intern in Supremely Smashed Brohams: The Return of Jafar. Hope for him grew when Littlist Macintosh was revealed to be playable, because his fanboys really thought that Punch-Out!! and Golden Sun are of equal importance and quality.

And then it turned out that not only was he not playable, but he was killed by the mob as well. And there's (thankfully) not a single piece of Golden Sun content in the handheld-centered 3DS Smashed Brohams game at all.

But despite that, Golden Sun still somehow got new content in the form of BLACKED's overworld theme in the Wii U version. Hope for nobody's favorite blonde-haired shotaboi may not be as dead as his series yet...

Nevermind, Isaac died while attempting to scale Ridley’s back so he could whisper sweet nothings in his ear. And nothing of value was lost.


Isaac was a popular choice pre-Return of Jafar for some reason, but thankfully, he only made it in as one of Sakurai’s unpaid child slaves. He slowly learned how to tap dance over time, and it looked like he had a promising career ahead of him. But sadly, once Hitler was revived, he was killed by Hitler’s powerful eye lasers. No one showed up to his funeral.

After serving in World War XXX, He’d started to become relatively popular among homosexuals as he consistently places first in the "which shota would you fuck?" polls. For example, in a poll of 1 person, (the pollrunner) he placed first.

Known SupportersEdit