Iickitung (that's a capital "I," not a lowercase "L," mind you) is officially the new, worst poster on the board. This user is a grade-A troll, posting bait topics such as:

Super Smash Bros. has WAY too many niche, one-off characters playable. Disgrace.

Not to be racist, but why does Japan and Europe get amiibos and DLC before USA?

Okay, I'm going to be flat out honest: I hope there isn't any DLC for this game.

Any character that is not good competitively should be cut in Smash Bros 5.

and the extra bait-y I sincerely hope that only Generation One Pokemon are playable. posted on the Pokken Tournament board.

Most of the topics that this user posts are also followed up with some form of "this is my opinion" so that he is able to stay on topic enough to not get modded, but still bait the board.

Vulpix here represents the rest of Smashfaqs.

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