"If Ridley is a stage boss, I'll post a video of me crying like a little b****" was a thread created by user Slumpcat, who claimed that, should Ridley be a stage boss, he would post a video of himself crying like a little b****. However, if Ridley is not a stage boss, he said that everybody else in the thread would have to post videos of them crying like little b****es. Come the 50-fact Extravaganza, and sure enough, Ridley was a stage boss. After learning of this, Slumpcat, while obviously upset, managed to be cool about it and deliver his video.

Nah, I'm only kidding.

That Thursday, OP first claimed that he would do it over the weekend, as he was still upset, which would somehow interfere with recording a video of him being upset. On Saturday night, he said that the video would be up in an hour or two, only to retract his statement afterwards, claiming that it was his birthday, which meant that he couldn't make the video for some reason. After that, he went completely silent for the entirety of Sunday, and the many readers of the topic realized that he was probably not going to make the video, and got mad at OP. OP returned on Monday, though, where he called the readers "savages" and closed the topic like the pussy he was.

So remember, kids, if you claim that you are going to do something, don't be a Slumpcat. DELIVER.

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