I cosplayed as Lucas is a legendary topic,created by ChibiDialga in which she posted a picture of her cosplaying as Lucas, before hijacking off topic. It reached 369 posts before being deleted by those idiot GameFAQs Moderators.

Things that happenedEdit

  • ChibiDialga cosplayed as Lucas.
  • Yoshi2010 joined the harem.
  • Arne83 revealed his fetish for monster girls, triggering Yosh's arachnophobia.
  • Yoshi2010revealed his,liking for unnatural hair colours.
  • Yoshi2010 explained the premise of Transfer Deadline Day to the Americans.
  • Chibi and Yosh discussed 500 topics, and Energyman2289 joined, sharing they d get another 500 together. Unfortunately, it was never to be.
  • Awkhum's_Razor joined, saying he reported the topic but just joined in he chatting.
  • Rosal1naIsBeast popped up, saying he hated the fact he and Yosh were arch enemies. Yosh told him he didn't care.
  • Waluigi7 and Energyman2289 ganged up on Yosh when he said Rampage Total Destruction was a terrible game.
  • Some other stuff I can't remember.

Thats actually some really nice Ness cosplayEdit

This is the legendary topic, by ChibiDialga that had actually reached 500. This was her first 500 topic too...

Things that happened:Edit

  • Shaneikua.
  • Half of the time people waiting on Kumatora picture.
  • NintendoIsBeast is confirmed to be hated by everyone.
  • No JohnTeetor in this one.
  • Ghasts came.
  • Chibi "trolled" with a Sonic cosplay pic before posting the actual Kumatora one... Even though she posted it earlier as a stealth bump.
  • "It wasntt deserving" said some guy no one remebers. He then went on to get post #500.
  • Other random shit.


  • Hahahaha.
  • It's not colored...
  • We made it to 500 with this!
  • Didn't mean to troll you guys with this...

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