On 8/1/2014 12:09:59 AM, user I-am-a-giraffe published a thread titled "I have also finished my research." In the topic he divided several users into categories and added a symbol for each user listed. The meaning of such categories and symbols is unknown.

Post Copy-PasteEdit

Here's the results you asked for. Don't ask me how I got them. All that matters is they are 100% accurate although I rounded up where necessary for the sake of simplicity. I'll supply the original findings upon your request though I'm sure you won't need them.

Category A: wah_wah_wah: :P
Fire_Plover: #-)
Triforceformer: !
Master_Radori: ;)
Bronze_Stuff: :|
SalsaSavant: =]
LordCarlisle: ;)
CuteChihuahua: ?
Michaeloll: :')
NoJobBob: ?
Swiftie_Muggle: D:
Mikokiri: #-)
sylawatch: :|

Category B: GoddessRosal1na: #-)
IAmMC2: :P
Daisyfanboy: :(
Nielicus: :')
vertigostick40: ;)
Estebers: =]
greatdimentio: ?
Bellagio: :|
User728: !
Auto-Gyro: 100
ViewtifulGene: =]
hekifier: :P
Patwhit01: ?
ReallyCoolForum: :(
Evilcrachitt: :')
pokemonpokemon4: :P
MegaPidgey: :|
SmashingBros: :P

Category C: LagoonTheCursed: =]
KingIceSonic: :')
geno4life: D:
NEW-WAYS-TO-DIE: ;) ;) ;)
SuperGhasts: >:(
morgan_von_veb: !
MandyMooMooo: :|
BurnedPotatoes: D:
energyman2289: :P
Pinxed: :')
BiggerRidley: :-))
PT_Piranha: =]
OmegaPwnage: =]
Trivio: :P
NintendoIsBeast: 11
Hughs_Rage: :P

Category D: AdmiralZephyr: :P
BigBootyJynx: D:
RotomGuy3: =]
quinfordmac: Close.
DeZA: ;)
Skull567890: ;(
JustineCourtney: ;(
Waluigi7: ;)
Austin_4e: =]
Burgandburb: :')
wind64a: :P
StevenDrkPrince: :]

I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the results, my friend. To anyone else who sees this it might seems confusing though I'm sure they'll figure out its true purpose.


Several users posted in the thread, some having a confused reaction, some being content with their placement even though nobody understood it really. Many started to start overusing smileys in their posts to make fun of how high number of smiley's in the OP. i-am-a-giraffe continued participating in the thread making cryptic and vague posts. The thread was deleted about 30 minutes after being posted and the mystery was not solved.

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