"How has the Smash series personally affected your own life???" is a topic created by user nintendoboy2012.

While seemingly innocent at first with nintendoboy2012 asking other users how Smash had affected their lives, the topic took a dramatic turn when he began to describe how his friend Paul had sex with him after he got drunk at a party.

The topic created a debate on whether or not the sex was considered rape, with nintendoboy2012 fiercely denying it and showing his love for Paul. The topic was fueled by other topic by nintendoboy2012, "The official Smash Bros. gay gamer club topic.", where several users brought up the rape.


The story starts off with nintendoboy2012 in college as a virgin wanting to get with some chick named Margaret, who was dating Chris at the time, an avid Smash fan. nintendoboy2012 bonds with Margaret and asks her out while picking up a copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl with his best friend Paul, but is rejected.

At a party, Paul convinces nintendoboy2012 to get drunk and proceeds to have sex with him. At this point of the story, nintendoboy2012 realizes he is gay and comes out of the closet with his new boyfriend in hand, Paul.

nintendoboy2012's StoryEdit

If it wasn't for Smash, I would still be a virgin... Back when Brawl was coming out, I was in college. There was this really cute girl named Margaret that I really liked. We had a few college courses together. OH how I would do anything to go on a date with her, way out of my league. I could never muster up the courage to talk to her. But she was real good friends with this guy named Chris who wasnt a bad a guy at all. I heard Chris and her talking about Smash one day (he was an avid fan) and with all my courage, i squeezed my way into the conversation telling them I play Smash too and asked them what did they think of the new Smash that was coming up. Chris said he couldn't wait and she was sort of looking forward to it. She just considered herself a minor fan growing up playing it with her brothers.

So it all came to this fateful day, I decided to go to the store the day Brawl came out to buy it with my best friend Paul. Lo and behold, who do I see? I see Margaret and her younger brother picking up the game too. My friend encouraged me to ask her out sometime. And this is the critical moment which Smash drastically altered my life as if it was not for this meeting things could of winded up very differently and I could still be a virgin to this day. So I go up and talk to her with my friends strength behind me and she totally rejects me and says she likes me as a friend and looks forward to seeing me in class. I was devastated. I cried and bawled for a solid 2 days.

I even turned to drinking in my devastation getting really drunk at a party with Paul. Paul coaxed me to drink more to get through the pain. He led me to one of the backrooms and I cried into his shoulders as he caressed me. And i would of never done this sober but so glad I was drunk enough to go with it. But he started to tell me it was gonna be ok and someone did like me. He then go frisky with me and I wont go into details but long story short, he made love to me in my drunken stupor. So many mixed emotions but I woke up the day and nothing was the same again. I had finally lost my virginity though just not in the way I thought. Me and him started dating soon and I realized I was actually gay the whole time and was just obsessed with the idea of being with with Margaret rather then Margaret herself.

She then came to know about me and Paul being together and is was very supportive of us. And I realized I was meant to be with guys. Me and Paul are actually still together to this day with him being my one and only. And me and Margaret are actually bffs now and hang out all the time. Turns out way back then, she had a crush on her friend Chris anyways. They dated for a while but it didnt work out as he was a jerk who cheated on her...

But yup, if it wasn't for Smash, I would never ran into her at the store. I would of never asked her out and got rejected. I would of never turned to alchohol and lose my virginity to Paul. And we probably wouldnt even be together and I would still be a virgin. So whats yalls stories?

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